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Don't Slip Up When It Comes to Ice Preparation

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Clear Path NY offers a variety of products to help you avoid the dangers of icy driveways, steps and sidewalks. Our flagship product is Ice B' Gone Magic. This innovative deicing system works faster and lasts longer than rock salt alone. It's also non-corrosive, meaning you won't need to worry about damage to your car or your concrete.

Don't wait for winter to set in-call right now to get your supply of Ice B' Gone Magic.

Which ice removal products meet your needs?

Which ice removal products meet your needs?

Do you need to stop ice accumulation at your commercial property? Do you want to keep your family from slipping on the front steps? No matter what your needs or budget, Clear Path NY has a product for you. We supply:

  • Bulk salt: Apply rock salt before snow and ice storms to keep roads safe.
  • Salt brine: Spray this sodium chloride solution on roads and driveways to prevent ice buildup.
  • Fluid Film: Prevent corrosion from salt and brine by applying Fluid Film first.
  • Ice B' Gone Magic: Use this fast-acting, non-corrosive salt alternative for all your de-icing needs.

We also carry spreaders and other equipment, such as liquid sprayers and shovels. Call our office now to order your deicing materials.

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