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Make Clearing Your Driveway Easy

Switch to Ice B' Gone Magic

Every year, New Yorkers prepare for the battle against ice. Salting and shoveling takes hours of your time and don't give the best results. Clear Path NY has the solution.

Ice B' Gone Magic is a simple, two-step ice removal process you can do yourself. First, apply a layer of rock salt. Then spray Ice B' Gone Magic Liquid and watch the ice melt away-like magic.

Call Clear Path NY today to order Ice B' Gone Magic.

Is it worth switching to Ice B' Gone Magic?

Is it worth switching to Ice B' Gone Magic?

Are you wondering whether this new product could really be as good as it sounds? Ice B' Gone Magic saves:

  • Money: Use up to 50% less rock salt.
  • Time: Clear ice faster than salting and shoveling alone.
  • Your driveway: Prevent potholes and corrosion by using Ice B' Gone Magic.

Call to secure your supply of Ice B' Gone Magic.

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