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See what makes Clear Path NY stand out

Clear Path NY takes a proactive approach to ice control. Instead of scrambling to clean up after the event, we prefer to take preventive measures beforehand. We use Ice B' Gone Magic products, allowing us to stop ice accumulation before it starts.

We use skidsteers and snow plows to clear ice and snow quickly. With 8 trucks in our fleet and 20 years of experience, our team can handle any snow- and ice-clearing job.

Keep ice off your driveway with Ice B' Gone Magic

The team at Clear Path NY wants to make your winters all fun and no work. That's why we recommend Ice B' Gone Magic products to all our residential clients. Ice B' Gone Magic:

Protects your cars from corrosion and rust
Is more environmentally friendly than traditional rock salt
Won't irritate your pets' paws like corrosive de-icing products

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We're making streets safer

Clear Path NY is a member of the Snow and Ice Management Association. We're located in Binghamton, NY and provide snow plowing services throughout Broome County. We supply Ice B' Gone Magic and snow removal products to the entire area.

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